Ethernet services enable Customers to interconnect Local Area Networks (LANs) locations in cost effective and flexible manner. Whether they require high speed, secured point-to-point or point to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet solutions within metro, national or international scope, DNet Ethernet solutions will meet any Customers requirements and expectations.

The portfolio is protocol transparent, and the services are inherently scaleable, with a large variety of service speeds, so you can increase bandwidth easily if your traffic needs change: bandwidth will always match your internal network capabilities.

Fixed fibre or WDM links deliver assured security, with no sharing or overbooking, so bandwidth availability is guaranteed. Indeed quality of service, with availability of up to 99.999%, is state of the art and a business continuity back-up option offers a further dimension in resilience.

We offer round the clock network management by proactive monitoring and maintenance, maximising reliability even further.

D-Net Ethernet Services work at up to 40Gbps so is suitable for high volume traffic.

Our service level agreement and guarantee give you assured service availability, and effective fault management.


In 2003, D-Net introduced its first IP service. Through the years the service continued to evolve and in 2005, D-Net Communication Services announced the release of the Private Internet Service.  This service was a private IP, network based, single class of service VPN product. In late 2009, MPLS was introduced as a new technology to increase the functionality and enable the launch of IP VPN MPLS.

D-Net IP VPN service is a fully managed native MPLS service accompanied with comprehensive Service Level Guarantees.

  • Key facts of D-Net’s IP VPN MPLS Service are:
  • - Available in Balkan region;            
  • - Transparent handling of Private IP Addresses;
  • - Native MPLS technology;              
  • - Network convergence with integration of voice, video and data;
  • - 5 Classes of Service;        
  • - Web-based real-time performance reporting;
  • - Service Level Guarantees;            
  • - Regional and local support included;
  • - Pro-actively monitored and managed, 7 x 24;
  • - Interconnected with Interprovider MPLS;
  • - Completely secure; private backbone;    
  • - Standard connection speeds from 1 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s; 



Dedicated Internet is business grade Internet service where your network becomes part of the collection of IP networks around the world known as The Internet. The service is normally used by national and local ISPs, large corporate businesses, Internet content providers, and hosting companies.

  • Key facts of the Dedicated Internet Service are:
  • - Available in Balkan countries;      
  • - Direct private interconnections with the main incumbents, Tier 1 operators and content providers;
  • - All interconnections are geographically diverse, providing redundancy and reliability;
  • - Minimum interconnection size is 1Gbps, with plans to expand most of them to 10Gbps;
  • - Overall saturation around 30%;
  • - Worldwide reachability - maximum two upstream providers to reach American and Asian routes;
  • - Congestion-free network and fully redundant network structure;
  • - Industry-leading SLA;