Banking IPVPN

Multiple services over a single connection

Banking IPVPN is a managed, business IPVPN network service that provides secure, multi-class and reliable IP internetworking within either a vertical sector community or in an enterprise that links many different organizations together.  Besides VPN, our MPLS network is interconnected with other Service Providers and is also able to offer for example dedicated access for Romanian Banks to the National Bank of Romania, Credit Bureau, ANAF or dedicated private access to Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Its capabilities for differentiated classes of service make it a perfect base infrastructure for converged data and multimedia (voice, video) requirements.

MPLS network is dedicated to private IP services and do not carry Internet traffic.


SWIFT. Make the connection

In partnership with Colt, D-Net offers in Romania and Moldova a comprehensive set of SWIFT connection packs with different levels of resilience. Each of them provides connectivity for member banks via Colt’s high quality IP VPN network to SWIFT’s backbone access points.

Colt is Europe´s information delivery platform, enabling customers to embrace the changing landscape of IT and communications so they can deliver, share, process, and store all of their vital business information.

With a 22-country, 43,000km network that includes metropolitan area networks in 39 major European cities with direct fibre connections into 18,000 buildings and 20 Colt data centres, Colt is a SWIFTNet authorized network partner and offers access to the SWIFT backbone at more European locations than any other provider.


SWIFT. Make the connection

Financial Extranet

Connect to the Capital Markets ecosystem

Based on our partnership with Colt, we provide within region the Colt PrizmNet financial extranet connects over 50 exchanges and providers of financial content – including market data, research and other services – to an ecosystem consisting of over 10,000 Capital Markets firms worldwide.

The service has been designed in consultation with a range of investment banks, assets managers, brokers and other Financial Services providers. It enables Capital Markets firms to connect to new markets and clients quicker, which is particularly important in an environment where trading opportunities are short lived.

A dedicated private network with deterministic low latency guarantees reliable, consistent, and transparent content delivery to firms in the US, Europe and Asia.