D-Net’s Professional Services is a powerful resource designed to help our customers and partners make the right technical decision, whether by submitting our consultative approach in designing and implementing local infrastructure, or providing our expert maintenance and remote hands services.

Employing our consultant’s expertise enables our customers focus on their core businesses and keep costs down with own system's efficiency, performance and availability.

  • Technical Support services includes:
  • - Dedicated resources to perform site surveys, assess and perform internal cabling, configure and install hardware supplies;
  • - Full or part-time dedicated resources for remote site diagnosis and technical assistance;
  • - On-site maintenance, hands-on support, troubleshooting and configuring expertise;
  • - Fast resource deployment on short notice basis;


Equipment services are provided based on two service elements: dedicated hardware provided by D-Net and on-site maintenance services.
The service cover equipment for layer 2 and layer 3 Wide Area Networks, IPPBX for IP Voice and Video Enterprise VPN, servers and storage.